Information about Canbaba

How it works

How it works

Here you can find information about how Canbaba works.


What is Canbaba?

The platform is the only Canadian-based wholesaling and dropshipping network in the world. It connects Canadian makers, retailers, manufacturers, producers and wholesalers with qualified business buyers or resellers from around the globe who will resell their products. All products are sold in bulk quantities to general wholesalers and for the public to view. Dropshippers must meet our application criteria to be eligible for single unit purchases. 

Buyers and marketers, will have access to high quality Canadian goods that aren’t over saturated. Canadian ecommerce has never been done before quite like this. 

Canbaba is highly accessible because it is free to start and easy to use with our video tutorials and access to help through our community network. 

Is it free?

Yes you can create a FREE LISTING. If you want to be a BETA TESTER to sell through our market place. We charge small service fees to process payments.
We are in  currently beta stage, click here to become a BETA TESTER and get massive benefits when we fully launch!

What is wholesaling and what does it mean for my business? is an exclusively Canadian wholesaling network for the public view meaning ONLY Canadian businesses list their products on here in bulk quantities. Other businesses from around the world will then purchase your bulk order items and resell them online and in retail stores. 

What are Dropshippers and why do I sell to them?

In a nutshell, dropshippers buy low priced items and resell them for a higher price. They’re very tech savvy, use ultra-modern guerilla style marketing tactics and are like an army of your own unique salespeople that you don’t pay an hourly wage to. They promote and sell your products for you- they spend money on advertising, they build networks, social platforms and websites to resell your unique Canadian products on. 

How can I single items for dropshipping and wholesale items?

We suggest you create to different listings. One for single purchase/ sample purchase and one for bulk purchases. The nice thing is that with you can determine a minimum quantity order on your listing. 

How about shipping?

For now in this beta phase, shipping has to be determined manually.Choose your preferred amount to cover the necessary costs.