Information about Canbaba


What is Canbaba?

Welcome to Canada's first wholesaling and dropshipping marketplace! 

We connect Canadian manufacturers, producers, makers, farmers, growers, distributors and wholesalers with qualified business buyers and resellers from around the globe who will resell their products. 

We are NOT a retail marketplace for consumers, this is only for wholesaling business to business sourcing. There are millions of retail sites but no current all encompassing bulk wholesale and dropshipping site exclusively for Canadians - we are changing this by making Canadian products more easily accessible to Canadians and the world! 

All products are to be resold in bulk quantities or single quantities for dropshippers. Easily set your minimum order quantity with our pre-sets. 

Please note: we are in our beta testing stage and are focusing on growing our supply side at this time. Feel free to invite Canadian vendors!

During our beta testing stage:

  • It's free to sign up, create your virtual storefront and add unlimited products listings.
  • We accept PayPal and Stripe at this time. We plan to add more payment options soon.
  • Our transaction fees are 8% on each order paid through the vendor account.

We are open to suggestions, feedback, media inquiries and strategic partnerships here. 

What types of products qualify? 

  • You must live in Canada and prove you own a business here (sole proprietorship, partnership or corporation)
  • Have proof of Canadian address and identification 
  • Your products must be legally sellable in Canada (no illegal drugs, weapons, or illegal substances), ingredients in food, health and beauty products must follow Canadian health standards.
  • Photo Requirements:
    • Main picture must be on a white background
    • For best results use JPG or PNG 660x440px
    • Types of products:
      • Tangible: made of something you can hold, touch, feel, smell, see and/or taste. Big, small and everything in between as long as it is legal to sell in Canada. For alcohol, please inquire at
      • Intangible: business services and software, business ecourses, ebooks, graphic art, photography and a few other items may be eligible (please apply to confirm).
  • Quality status of products:
    • Brand new
    • Raw / bulk materials
    • Refurbished / Upcycled
    • Ability to be printed digitally

Vendor Information

After you sign up, confirm your account through your email. Then you can start adding your business information and products. In the upper right hand corner you will find a dropdown with your inbox, profile, product listings and settings. 

Click Settings to add your main business information including your address, logo, website and description. On the left hand side you will find your payment and account information - please fill that out so you can start accepting orders and payments. You can also change your notification settings, check your transactions, email settings and update your product listings from here.

Click Profile to check over all your information to make sure it is correct.

Click Post a New Listing in the top right corner in red to add unlimited products. Follow the steps shown and easily set your minimum order quantity with our pre-sets and you can explain it further in the description.  

Click My Listings in the right hand corner dropdown to view and edit your current product listings. They update real time so there is no lag between edits. If you do not have inventory at this time, that is ok just state that you have no inventory and the date when it will become available and if you are taking pre-orders.

For Inventory, at this time we are NOT purchasing any. As a vendor you set and keep track of your own inventory and listings. If you are wanting to sell on here but would like someone else to manage your account you can contact us and we can link you with one of our distribution partners. If the future we plan to do full inventory management through a warehouse and fulfillment center. Stay connected with us as we expand!  

For Shipping, we currently have manual or pick up options. We will be adding more dynamic shipping options soon. 

If you get stuck or have questions, reach out to us anytime. We are happy to jump on Zoom with you to complete your profile and product listings. 

Buyer Information

After you sign up, confirm your account through your email. Then you can start adding your business information. Add your payment information so you can start making purchases. Easily browse products and message sellers directly for more info and custom orders.

For Shipping, we currently have manual or pick up options. We will be adding more dynamic shipping options soon.