Mango.Xan Antioxidant & Anti inflammatory Health Drink

Mango.Xan Antioxidant & Anti Inflammatory Health Drink
4 x 750ml / 25.35 fl OZ Bottles

Comes in cases of 4

Shipping & Handling Charges: $25 All Across Canada, $35 international
Shipped in 1-3 business days
Min. 12 months expiration date

Listed on Amazon US, Canada & UAE. Ready for dropshippers and wholesalers to join listings.

Other Specifications:
Independent laboratory analyses reveal that Mango•xan has more alpha-mangostin (the primary xanthone of mangosteen) than the competitor products . And that translates into more antioxidant power.
Lab tests also show that Mango•xan scores much higher on the ORAC scale—a test designed to evaluate antioxidant strength—than competing brands.

Our bottles sport roll-on pilfer-proof caps, creating an impenetrable vacuum seal that locks oxygen out and flavor in. Our “best before” date, printed on every bottle, makes sure you know your product is as fresh as the day it was packaged.

Our facilities meet the government’s guidelines for good manufacturing practices (GMPs), which ensure food safety. So drink up!

Suggested Retail Price: 44.99
Monthly Production Amount: 1000
Colour/Flavour: Mangosteen
Legal Disclaimer, Certificates and Insurance Information: Consult with doctor if you have any health concerns
Item Dimensions (LxWxH): 29x7.5x7.5cm
Key Features: Antioxidant, xanthone rich, great profit margin, ideal cardiovascular health product
Product Weight (metric & imperial): 750ml
Shipping Weight (metric & imperial): 3100g
Purchasing Options:
Wholesaling Only
Dropshipping Only
Wholesaling & Dropshipping
White Label
Min Order Quantity (MOQ): 4
Handling/Prep Time: 3
Hazardous Material, Cpsia/chocking warning & Battery Info (if applicable): Cap is small and may be a chocking hazard for small children

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