Stone Temple Coffees - Central and South, Whole Bean

Our Central & South is a secret blend of beans yielding a medium body which has an extremely popular flavor. A portion of profits from the sale of this coffee goes towards Coffee Leaf Rust Awareness Program. Stone Temple Coffees is taking great strides in research and development for an eco-friendly bio-spray program. This new program will be able to help coffee farmers fight back against these fungal outbreaks that have been plaguing coffee plantations on a global scale.

This secret blend from sun-soaked lands yields a medium body that’s become one of our most popular flavors. A portion of proceeds will go towards the Coffee Leaf Rust Awareness Program, which helps coffee growers fight the global pandemic of fungal outbreaks affecting plantations around the world.

Cupping Notes: Hazelnut, Carbon, Cacao Nibs, Green Tea, Hops.

Barista Notes: This standard blend has balanced traits and tastes that will please most consumers, making it a great option for any time of day, although it’s hazelnut hints can facilitate great pairings with baked goods and pastries.

Item Dimensions (LxWxH): 11"x4"x3"
Suggested Retail Price: 17.99
Seller Sku: CNS FTO-WB
Monthly Production Amount: 1000 + units
Colour/Flavour: Original
Legal Disclaimer, Certificates and Insurance Information: Please enquire for certifications if needed.
Key Features: Certified Fairtrade, Certified USDA, COR Organic
Product Weight (metric & imperial): 454g / 1 lb
Shipping Weight (metric & imperial): 454g / 1 lb
Purchasing Options:
Wholesaling Only
Dropshipping Only
Wholesaling & Dropshipping
White Label
Min Order Quantity (MOQ): 12
Handling/Prep Time: 5 Days

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